Swapping Undies?

Tuesday, October 24th

After reviewing results from a conducted survey, Sean, Charley, and Matty discuss if men and women really swap underwear and for what reasons!


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It felt like our that you might grave store please call and you really get a show on 987 Simon thanks so much who has been very. Alleged heated the old bill the Z didn't try to track him down take that as a deal you know I don't know. I would love your round they're there and been down a long time let's go there's a new thing out that says women are wearing men's underwear more than ever before in this day and age really. 42% of women have worn men's underwear at least once in the past year. I would think that would be comfortable ounces sleep or to Wear as underwear doesn't say I straight boxers would just be miserable knowingly short stemming out hugged me anymore liberated than that. That's what they're saying is that men's underwear are so much more comfortable the women's underwear and lose say you know that company so for 2% ten women's worn men's underwear. Only 17%. Of the men in the same age group admit to wearing women's underwear we had this nine not you couldn't pay me and a Thong. That I mean have you miserable death I can do it you know well let's agree peonies. But those aren't sexy the offense. Yeah look nice yeah I'm more concerned with his appearance that his comfort level which makes him a real primadonna yeah zero he's done deal with where you never know. 14% of couples admit that they have swapped their under Grant Hill have more say once I learned any any girl I've ever been when it another rewarding her underwear and I really don't wanna guy that void where my hand over here. Guys that sessions. It's just yeah.