Superhero Pet.

Thursday, February 16th

Listen up to hear Sean, Charley, and Matty discuss how this unusual pet goes nuts for his owner.


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And Simon give yourself look forward to tomorrow it's won't play in front hey shoot zero intelligence and happens fast. And Idaho this is a great story a guy with a fantastic beard and a unique pet. Is make in the news and somebody broke into his house went up and his squirrel fought them off his pets world I has fought them off now Joey is a great story to wait T here. How these perky people on the news handle it I mean dog and I. A six underside exclusive. On a meridian man's pet squirrel literally goes knocks I don't know Bieber. Are able to grab a few small things before things got a little. Squirrelly. I don't know a thing about all that Alex girl that's going up. But that's about it and that's girls at that well there you go there ringing endorsement. Could go out and got no. You. There have been right skills yeah. They're crazy. They get away were that that's interior allows girls clubs. Why he's trying to syndicated Roma zippers. But at no point during it I think they'd totally missed an opportunity to say something during that story denying what is that that's girls nuts. Noticing this right there at the top kind of what I can. I was a weathered this analysts and gotten so.