Stocking Stuffers

Monday, September 11th

Sean. Charley, and Matty talk about the scents of the season.


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I didn't know what's happening where the get a show on 987 Simon is everybody happy hey I. How good will you know it's officially the Christmas season no it doesn't know I'd trans Siberian orchestra tickets. So while I'm working on stockings covers for everybody you know we normally by the time we are about done Christmas shopping. The whiskey river so company. Has soaps and candles and stuff. Bittermann for and and specifically on the label they have a product for. Awkward moments new ministers to stubbornly optimistic person but I also loved the one for the man crush Monday and creepy uncle. I'm entered the uncle they even have a candle that they say smells like comb over what about. The words a lot of things not more everything coming up but first.