Soul Cleanse Rip-Off?

Wednesday, August 30th

Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss the story of a mom and her son facing fraud charges after charging a man OVER $150K in psychic soul cleansing procedures.



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I heard today is going to be. I wish that I was out there are so that I can hear it a man it will go really good one. And we're just wasting it. Sitting here not here and it's in my head I know. Did you guys hear about the psychic good charged an old man a 150000 dollars to cleanse the soul. We'll see some kind of a soul cleansing seems like a deal. You know we passed around the hat we might get enough to help Matty and your song my soul crazed caddie hey. The pretty okay so I don't know. Sally Kim and her son frank they can't face. And conspiracy charges because the pair told police the money was ever a car. From an auto dealership not. For psychic treatments but the victim whose name we don't know. Said that he had repeated treatments to cleanse his soul. The first visit was only 5000 dollars and that's the consultation I guess is sold and feel just right after five grand so he went back. Fourteen step program. 101500. Dollars per Staten one. Look how big duck is this dude I don't nobody had an extra 150 K just for his soul around there. So yeah it's the sales what do they do to cleanse your sole seat she's a criminal at heart she wants to go out starter on psychic business climate is I don't know whether it's hard 150 K yeah I know to erupt then you start on mad. Game.