So You Don't Wanna Shake My Hand?

Tuesday, October 10th

Ever come in contact with someone and you just want to avoid shaking their hand? Charley runs down the list of ways to avoid shaking hands with Sean & Matty!


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Seven Simon we play everything Tuesday and Tuesday on the get up show hope your happy as excited as we are going to bloom with the so they're saying it's flu season again although it does the hot weather RO order have anything to do with keeping the flu healthy or knocking it down you know I think the flu and cold weather thing. Yeah but it seems like it's gone around already but there's them you know wouldn't. Every was to shaking hands and in flu season the last thing you produced such other people right so we've got some ideas of how you can avoid it. Shaking hands with people during flu season ending is I'm really just among them out right away they won't think about shake your hand or don't recommend that. I'm constant double fist and like make sure you're always holding things I got two drinks he expects its cars oh. Sudan's career and a I have a baby goat in this hand at a child in this and I'm sorry I can't shake your hand is right kids the right about the time that they're reaching out to shake your hand cuffed. I. Aren't there and I was shaking hands and you lie about being sick child in years six of that they don't unity you as a pop. Cool cool lines he use if you are sick and knoller shake hands down Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in tombstones say. The give me if I don't shake him. Now now moves just like that yeah now okay preemptive fist bump if you think there about say it is throughout the offensive did not want more. But pretend your about the shake their hand at the last lovely him accurate here. Yeah it feels like she's still works.