Signs to Notice!

Friday, February 17th

Want to know if a man is flirting with you? Sean has the answers for you! Join in with Charley to see if these signs are happening right in front of you. Luckily, Matt and Sean can help confirm if these are mainly true or not!


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To get up shows here on ninety seven's I'm playing everything for you and your arm chair of its special player Friday if you wanna give long run at times or call us 3363730987. Charlie here the secret signs. Menace flirting with the you are there any snow apparently can I don't the number one thing. He's given you three looks in quick succession. Here's one that you might not only just that I sought out aspect you see you might not know what's going on but if he pulls his socks up. Once talked into your he might be working with you I would have just fallen down here and do some custom list. Culture that socks and you go of his feet point toward you. He's talking to me they've. He's touching his base often especially as he looks and you. I get his hands government grows it tag his eyes move in a triangle. That I can I understand that line you go from the guys to the mouth to the other guy I. Yeah that's much angle is looking at your mouth a whole lot he's Lincoln a lot. Here's one that I don't like the sound of but it's it's not you know necessarily that pushy he's got to pinned up against the wall it's called blocking losing your body to create a private space say anything about it up. And right up on there and sniff and there. And finally. He'd keep squeezing his Bobble or Kahan of beer. That means he's entrusted. So he's playing with circular objects or he'd just made some are beard well you know you take it as you want it but I just given you everything you need to know for the week ended here on sex welcome sir what can we do. No regulatory I had I won't point out that you don't land did your rent which all go on mountain no more no big wall next. Which ones.