Should Boys Dress Up as Princesses?

Monday, August 29th

Charlize Theron posted a picture of her son playing dress up as a princess.  The internet lost its mind!  What do Charley, Matty & Sean think about it?


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Listen to it there's another school song on many gates. Would this do OK I don't teach there cleansed so object schoolgirl fantasy big demoted from the get up so this is kind of crazy story or not you guys feel about port tell you how do about it. Charlize Theron has adopted a little boy Jackson right now there's pictures going around of the little boy Jackson. Dressed up as Elsa from frozen look at and people are flipping out. Is Charlie's crazy what kind of parent does this to a child somebody's. It's dress up its make believe we can dress up as anything you want to I can dress doesn't elephant in the bases you're not. Offense I'll say nice truck. Ratio what's the difference between you know little kid decide to be Elsa and some drunk frat guy being you know put address on for Halloween. I don't know Charlize Theron is not involved because it's easy to pick on star because a you can cast your judgment on star all day observances start any any and do other here in Greensboro at the same picture they would get I don't know wrath of the Internet so does it go the other way and like if you dress a little girl applicable oil because for Halloween last year my old girl was Elvis right. Well is that shocking how did very well liked sharks act. I'm taking your child the way and plus one of our neighbors this is big years ago. Her little boy not even on Halloween used to run around dressed to Snow White and it was like ankle that's what he wants to do great what are they dress like a robot. You're not really machine you're gonna steal my medicine for fuel. I thought others start to.