Sexiest Songs of All Time

Tuesday, September 12th

After a study was done to prove that sense of touch is hightened with sexy music, Sean, Charley & Matty, list you the top 9 sexiest songs of all time according to Billboard.


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No 1987 Simon we'd play every. Bower nowhere they do these kind of studies because I was signed up for a study like this scientists now tell us. This sexy music enhances our sense of touch my kids they hooked people up to these. Sexy robots and they played music and they said that sexy music arouses our eardrums and are tactile senses enhances the feeling of being touch look at the sexy music always I've got a I got the top. Sixers are all time outside part of this test. They knew they had participants listened to music. As they robot simultaneously. And discreetly stroke there for armed. When I'm not that the robots I think they go together is what they're saying I don't get the stroke about free her. Your reactions demonstrated sexy music was linked to increase tactile arousal regardless of whether they're expected to be touched by a machine. The rights or an attractive human. And so this weird knowing that I'm not saying reach out text somebody but these are the top nine sexy sounds of all time according to billboard are you ready for these. That's like a religion by Madonna and low key issue all over by exert yes I love this would do that to me one more time America. Hot stuff Donna Summer that's a bus skidded on Marvin. To close by next. And our own house comic love you boys to men a tank tonight tonight Rod Stewart Julia. And they say the number one sexy song of all times physical by Olivia Newton. Really yeah. Know very well they know Barry White will not the top nine now. Barry Manilow we've got to sit in the real impact the players say they saw Derek this. Not my Ryan Taylor who now being gang. There goes Madonna like marriages to men. He's. And it lands on bags I'm not. Yeah you'll remain on it goes in such times. The way I am reminded residents that hey these bad.