Sexiest Man Alive??

Friday, November 17th

After Blake Shelton is named Sexiest Man of The Year for 2017, Sean, Charley, & Matty debate on wether they got it right or not, and even share a few of the social media jokes after the announcement was made. 


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You've got the number pays to get up show our number 3363730987. Here in 987 Simon virtual player Friday is going on. And people are freaking out because wakes up to sexiest man alive. What did you guys think about him be on the cover. I'm fighting Blake Shelton attractive but I don't think I think they're Mets. More attractive men out there who is a sexier man alive and Blake Shelton offers GeMS worth a car. That's what you said do you suggest we'll he had a whole list though I knew that I am Soares got it last year so rotating unity and one night while the whole Internet has blown up real good about Blake shot me in the sexiest man alive one person says. Blake Shelton named sexiest man alive just confirm my theory the 2017 is in fact not real. And a nightmare coming up. Somebody else says Blake Shelton might be the sexiest guy at a San Fernando Valley country club turned strip mall. But that's about it that's mean. Somebody also Blake Shelton isn't even the sexiest man at Waffle House. And now I mean he's got to. And yeah I played by an image drag wait there's more Blake Shelton is about a sex is a pile of wet cardboard Obama loses and justices people online ticket on. Blake Shelton is sexy if you like a guy who's always about the lead that. That is always about the leaned in and tell you about party held the American dog food. Oh. Like on a scale of one to Blake sounds publicist how did you your job. Here's one stop haters Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive also. My favorite meal is a room temperature Bologna sandwich with a couple piping hot fruit punch. Baghdad say hey well known with players all VI. I don't around the world I act until the running joke is that we don't forget the lyrics from loved I don't know why isn't ET being my fellow nerd friends. Are they all in the bathroom when you're right. Oh.