Self Defense Like No Other

Monday, September 19th

Whether its a 50" TV or samari sword people are taking self defense to a whole new level, agree Matt and Sean.

Charley wants to know, who actually owns a samurai sword other than a ninja?


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People say I have number problem as it. I know. Normally don't get so severe on Simon Charlie couldn't be happier to be here were these two gentlemen. Let's listen case news shake off we'll Monday blues this story's been around for a minute but we never talked about yet. The guy who threw a fifty inch TV at an armed robber isn't the first thing he grabs armed robber bus into his house got a gun that's how our views. The guy looks around when a man do to protect myself. He does when everybody reduce hundreds of fifty inch TV in frozen. I can't see myself grabbing the TV I hope it wasn't a big bat out of I've worked at that guy out there was like the rift it only wanted to its TV immigrants now. So there you and you know what to do always be prepared every TV NB. A man is arrested in a place called Warwick park Rhode Island you know where that is I don't Warrick. Rhode islanders he was arrested for attacking something with a samurai sword which sounds awful. Sounds like an awful person that's very dangerous to put an Ohio but he's attacking dizzy broad. I. People guilty simmering swords. It's samurai sword online job. I think samurai swords are us over the samurai sword don't tell anyone that owns samurai sword and you have about marries how's it. They got to police the police got a call at Sid two people were soared Friday when they showed up they found the guy fight with the disease vote it was look at him funny that it doesn't. And then finally the DUI suspects in what state. Florida Florida. He said he was slower in some magazine had his wisdom teeth taken out yet come to find out he had his was deeds again it was troop. It was twenty years ago old as the long recovery and you know you got to drink got to keep medicine. He's.