Say "WOW!" like Owen Wilson?

Tuesday, February 27th

Sean tells Charley and Matty that over 4,000 people in Australia attended The say 'WOW' like Owen Wilson event. Is that even a real thing!?


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Hudson and yes the answer. And play and everything on the get up show I don't know what you did yesterday would your Monday but it wasn't as cool as these people in Australia 4000 people got together a tell you some of the other events that they've gone over the years they had the smash mouth live in a dumpster concert series lives and the creed at chuck. It's the say wow like Owen Wilson event that drew 4000. People together in one place in Melbourne Australia yesterday afternoon. Let's say well like Owen Wilson and I didn't realize this but if you do a little tiny bit of research you'll find their. In every single movie Owen Wilson has ever been in he has opportunity to say while Howell quite a bit. I have summoned his famous wiles. And these people are so excited they say it started out as completely phony thing a few years ago wasn't really going to be an event. So many people got fired up about it somebody who were fans of Owen Wilson's while waiting that they jumped in an imminent or real event with thousands and thousands of people there's of this was going on yesterday afternoon 10. Now when no 10 wow it's noon. Yeah me. I don't. Know my house. My why oh why now art isn't good ones Isaiah test and he pointed even work.