Is This Rude?

Friday, September 1st

Sean, Charley, & Matty play America's newest and favorite game "Is This Rude"? Sean runs off a few different scenarios and the crew gives their take on whether it was rude or not. 


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Anybody a baseball player Friday here in 987 Simon take me home tonight there can't afford for guests mark Karr anymore and me and Larry it's gonna go up a no go up and I'm not enough but we've. Drag you down was that were playing your requests obit to a player Friday and it's time for America's newest favorite good time game. Is this. So I'm asking you to know are are these things rude and I'll tell you whether America says yeah that's rude or not that's not rude all right what about. Unplugging. A phone from the charger. To plug viewers and without asking is does is it rude yeah tiger's yes almost everyone asked said yes that's route. Not offering a person a drink when they come to your house you are renewed technically but I say no because I do that all the time I think it's root. Okay and most people said that ain't route. Not replying to a text within a day. I read now as school hey that's no room out that's me I'm so murderers but. Half and half. Haven't Americans say that's not rude unbelievably loud people who don't respond eating off of somebody's plate without asking first now. Not written. Now what I need is talking about the people the next guy you know that it an at an 89% of Americans say you are rooted if you view that things not holding the door when there's somebody running for the elevator is it rude. Yes and I that I send to do it cut off and headed to a and that's what I dreamed of the door closed but works. All right one more. Ignoring a phone call and just texting instead. Is it rude. Now now I'm not I'm big you know what you're both right it's not rude but I still don't like it only 20% of Americans have been answered and that's how we play a good time game is sure.