Red Head Super Powers?

Tuesday, December 5th

Sean tells Charley about the distinct powers & features red hair people have over the rest of the "normal" population. 


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987 and says give a little bit that's all we ask we'll ask for much this a little bit in a little bit more present it allows. Hey did you hear this story about red heads redheaded women are super power people really how they have genetics superpowers redheaded women can tolerate 25% more pain and out with the other hair colors okay it takes 20% more general anesthesia to knock her rib head out a boy so be careful around red pants. Also red is the hardest color to fake they say that read from a bottle is the easiest to spot but I would have told you forever that Lucille Ball was read him. Yes you very much looks like a natural redhead in the skin tone goes with this study can really tell. Red heads are popular in commercials never one point there was a red headed person in commercials on CBS every 106 seconds allow. And they're just 2% of the world's population it's like there's more I think so too but that's because it ended up dying bottle against the well. Red heads are seen as funny your people back in the olden days when people wanted to be funny on stage. You could not find a red wig because everybody wanted to get a read will be about it Red Skelton. This is the ball. Right here though and Ralph now it was funny this is true he was pretty of Ronald McDonald yeah Larry's look at the issues men. They also know when it's getting cold redhead spiel temperatures more severely than anybody else. There's a gene that red heads have that we don't call MC one are. They're causes human. Temperature detecting to become over activated. May they rest of the snow they're sensitive to thermal extremes which means look they can't feel pain. And there since it temperatures sued dogged the thermostat fight with a wrist I could win.