Reasons Why You May Still Be Single

Thursday, August 31st

Sean, Charley, & Matty run down a few reasons why you may still be experiencing the single life, but provide a couple ways you could change it. 


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Did you not hear the man he said not too many telling us afterlife first thing you did just turn. And 987 Simon we play everything on the get a show if you're out there you listened to listen you're single we might have the reasons here. That it's your own dang fault over LA angle here of the what I. These are the top mistakes your making your your single out there in the world yes you're not making not being single priority in your life. It in on it you're not making yourself available to people out there certain. You just go ahead and assume that it's not gonna work out I don't need to stop judging me. I thought like this visit my home a little bit with you. It's a very judging this morning pulled this one I'm not talking about you but some people have this you believe that there's something wrong with you are now I'm awesome. All right. The next you look for your dates every little flaw. Meaning some afternoon I can imagine you finding long people told my guys down here and imagine further grammar and that's an important thing may be your just not ready to date yet this one how long exactly I have to wait. A lot of different anyway it's. If you don't show enough interest to the people that you may or may not be going out that actually may be true. You tech boom this one moment. You take too long to respond to texts or emails wolf if there's a waiting period as you beat this thing as death penalty stuff right there. And the number one item on why you're still single and it's all your fault. You don't post attractive photos that is not true I think if I could find some I got him out of me. I'm not look good but yeah.