Read The Contract

Thursday, August 3rd

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about a newlywed couple who sued their wedding photographer for a $125 "hidden" fee but ended up losing much more.


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We play everything 987 Simon and get a show good good Thursday morning we're so happy you lose today. And I never know when you put a review out their own mind what can happen how far could AGCO. This is a married couple. The hired a photographer did you see your bloggers. Yes they they do have blogs and they're very well known bloggers OK okay so anyway they hired his wedding photographer after the fact. It stayed there are some 125 dollar fee they claimed was they had no idea about Sonny or slash this company this woman. They said she was holding their status hostage that she wouldn't. Let them have their thing this is trying to cover charge them that it was all in the contract so they were using their power as bloggers to. Trying to throw their weight around and forced her to not charge and 120 my holidays launched a huge smear campaign went very far over and above. And cost this woman her whole business I'll not cool now they can taste it because a judge ruled in favor of the those photographer. And now they owe her a million dollars wow over a 125. Dollar fee though it was that the thing they say that all we didn't tell us about this it was in the contract they just didn't read the contract and how is dated just paid a 125 dollars and shut their mouths they wouldn't have lost a million bucks I love the soul much club.