The Quarter Trick

Monday, September 11th

Seans tells Matty and Charley what to do to keep your food safe in case of an emergency...why is he always worried about the food?


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Many aches and Simon and again show any day you wake up to some break gays can be an OK day a man hopes can be one for you if you ever get a power out answers lady right here in North Carolina. It has come up with an awesome way to figure out of you still leave all your food now how's that you take a quarter. You freeze a couple of water out I series and then you place a quarter on top of that frozen couple water yes put it in your freezer you did this before anything that happened did you just always evident there yeah yes but there would have played a quarter of gender has ordered that there is no you're very lucky it'll just still be sitting on the top of the cup exactly and it's at the bottom of frozen under it that day. Through his dad into your quarters and that on a nice exactly they say if you comeback and it's at the bottom. And it's three frozen beverage power's back on your you know it means it went off at some point as an everything melted but if it's frozen again is back on yes. And that means bump by my usual logic with food that's fine it's fine without in any. Yeah a lit get that cup of nice to get to that the bottom. This quarter Aaron no no you just flipped it over. Lift the cup off the quarter is on the top of the bottom. It's. And did your third sit there. And Gonzales and makes makes some kind of a south relishing in it's obviously it.