Pumpkin Tips!

Friday, September 22nd

With the first day of Fall offically beginning, Sean, Charley, & Matty give you a few tips on how to maximize your pumpkin usage!


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87 side that we play everything you whether you say are injure or NG it's that time a year and there's a guy already in trouble for his Halloween decorations. Yet it's well as the misery it really hung up some fairly vigorous missed like he wrapped up some. Bloody look and rags and a trash bag hung a for mysteries but it's September 22 right you don't not even October he calls home and given week I thought okay do it well I mean the thing about it they inflatable -- the most why can't have my bloody rags of Madras. Quite well while you're out there pumpkin shopping this weekend we've got some tips for you here. And if you if you want to you can play along at home and when we give you these tips you can substitute. Any. Pick OK when your outlook and for pumpkins picked a really great one make sure that it does not have any holes or blemish is okay. No blemishes on your pump. A reading when you get at home and wash your pumpkin yet because if you wash it the last 230 to ninety days. It at so keep your pumpkin cool and dry agri as at and if you're really want dead thing to Harden up would be good for you. Cure your pumpkin by placing it in a window where gets lots of sunlight to suppress it right against the window there aggregates like the mentally it's good to natural. Those spots out those squads for your pockets are maybe next year and I Garrett slugger. Hey good morning what could play for you welcome. They are scheduled play not mostly to hundreds but it turned. Oh is there would do that's good stuff. Reminds me of another bush bridge on the great Harley which is often under. Most dangerous.