Pumpkin Spice Bonanza

Tuesday, September 19th

Sean tells Charley & Matty about the Pumpkin Spice movement that's getting out of hand, with products like pumpkin spice orange juice, pumpkin spice food spray, and much more.


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It plays everything. All those new turnaround a boys' room especially if there's a fog coming. There disappeared a walk and you got to watch out what's going oh where we get a joke. Pumpkin spice I think we've all agreed so far it's gotten out of hand knew I don't know if all of these are real but there is a picture out of a pumpkin spice crest. Pumpkin spice country crock. But it's ice Listerine strips and others are setting up pumpkin spice pizza the other day do I did you see a cake mix it's take you make for your dog. It's broken spies take their dog agreed that's wrong in so many ways. Gosh yours Tropicana pumpkin spice orange juice somebody's gotta be fate that can't be a big camp pumpkin spice or excuse you can you can probably spice anything because I have the latest for you right here this is going to change your life right now are you ready is that it. There's a company out there called it simply beyond. These specializes in spray on spray on herbs and spices. In McCain in a new day and they've just released for of this small small price of eleven dollars a bottle. You can get your pumpkin spice in a spray and put it on everything. And mother Murphy's makes any of that stuff. As a legal hang out at the factory and wait for it to come walking out I love run by their goodwill and it's been a long time since I got aware of though I don't know what their schedule is I used to be able rabbi their own forty. Pretty much count on getting on a nose wheel chair your Renault or some has been a long time while he gave me some new live for an. Get some that day you're welcome yes simply beyond. For eleven dollars a bottle you can spray that don't make anything in your whole wide world pumpkin spice I'm thinking about sprain it in my shoes. I'm not in my hand and a moment laundry now your dream and keep going. I'm pretty darn. On myself.