Psycho Songs???

Thursday, September 28th

After a recent study done to show that psychopathic ways can be associated with certain songs, Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss a few songs off of the list.


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The tricks. And I do that flu like yeah does coming down low do that. 987 Simon play in everything on the got a show now there's a music contest to see if your crazier or not. Psychopaths have distinct musical preferences SI and says that people who prefer rap music over pop music are more likely be psychopath. What if you just kinda like run DMC. Are you a little bit crazy yet. Yeah like a little bit everything specifically base and Eminem's lose yourself is a high scoring song for I love the okay well no dignity by a black street is that why you like ours that's. Saying it you know you guys are both psychopaths I notice of what comes out here you know what's weird about this test though is the Doctor Who did it. Will not say he said there are some songs that test super duper high with psychopaths. But I'm not gonna tell you what they are because I don't want to taint future research on what we need to know I know I need to know buddhism get worried about YouTube. Sang together try to tighten hands I see that alone would necessarily fall into the kind of musical genre that's too obvious. And it's like an alternative pop song up which like much eroded by the Mac. Is one of the least favorite songs among psychopaths Seattle would make me wanna murder and you know that over a dollar as sort of saying there are songs too that can turn you crazy sewer like you know my little girls love and Justin Bieber right now you know I got to hear that and yeah I know the right words. Think in the star receiver. On which drive or break. Do your graveyard and.