Protect your Identity!

Monday, June 18th

Sean shares a story with Matty and Charley about how a convincing but suspicious e-mail that almost costed him.

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We play everything on ninety sevenths Avago more if we get a show show on Charlie Matty here. Got a warning for you if you see one of these temple in Obama phones are grabbed this unite. It's alert. ID. At Wells Fargo Bank we need to verify your identity. Go to in and there's a link in there and you click on the link and it looks legit like a Wells Fargo paid June and it has your login it has your login name and your password like if you're doing your online banking yes which I checked my all the time his arm free and I'm scared surmised it was still my own fun. Guess what this is it's a scam it has nothing to do with Wells Fargo yet what what do you say yelling you knew that. Because they don't mean that's not how that works they won't ever send you something that says we need to confirm their identity like that how do you know because. They won't they say they won't help because they said that on the news it anyway. Matthew to confirm your identity is not zero but this could be the time when they changed their mind and I'm willing to pay. You know what then go ahead well I do you do it well I did. And then and now I hear many is not noted that it I'll only under the name and hourly I don't know that I called the bank and I go live person on the phone there like union or anything did you know like. And don't. And he's an okay who's gonna take fifty minutes we have to change all of your information I did yeah. So for future reference my new blog in news. Anyway.