Proof of Life

Friday, August 4th

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about a mom that has created a great way to make sure her daughter is not partying while she is away.


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730987. Is our number per request on virtual player Friday and is a mom out there who is super Smart she's got this proof of life. Casting is she does Wear their daughter when she goes out what are friends. She doesn't always believed in her daughters where she says she's going so she'll write text her and say I need proof of life I got Jeff and that means. Text me Sophie I'm wherever you are yeah whatever you're doing me what's going on right now like that but. You know full well that you can take cell fees in a safe place where there's not a party going on or where there's not a bunch stuff that she shouldn't be into debt and save those. And send them when their asked wars. Our story can you know you could say you're at the essence take a picture in front of a painting of the ocean and. Yes so her mom has gotten so Smart she says before you lives. It's and to sell three of you and your friend giving me the thumbs up right now. And so then she'll do that you say I don't know I'm not happy with the lighting it looks like you might have crop your friend into the picture. Now get on her back and take another picture and we didn't do random things that they can't save those pictures up isn't. Isn't that cool that genius thing man it took some sort of like negotiation. Now I want you to do next but look at you gonna do it for your coming around Santo once I got up and down yet do it are I'm taking the keys I think it's great how are they welcome to get a joke to replace some degree user could you play at least around about a Everly Brothers is is one of those creepy clouds with a machete where his hand is supposed real death. Everybody has the.