A pill that predicts farts!

Thursday, January 11th

Scientists have developed a pill that will detect when you are about to fart. Charley gives Sean & Matty details on this breakthru....


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There we are netted seven SATA played everything for all our friends don't forget about us tomorrow morn number actual player Friday love to hear from you in your request at 3730987. Tomorrow our last Iran trivia. I don't know rod Stewart's biggest. What's the deal now this sounds so futuristic the cells likes Logan's run business where you swallows some kind of a little electronic capsule receivers thing. It's sort of is they've developed an adjustable electronic capsule. That goes in and it sits in your guides it and that monitors gas levels in there why and it for. You know instead of building up and it actually connects to a mobile phone. At a hospital against your boarding system now when you're going to and say oh yeah. Yes Q zero cracked my hat is going. That that we don't need that we're people were grown ups we know things that mean. Your body I don't know that my. Well it's out but it tells you as it's building seen anything like get away org don't really close dear friend. Exhibit sometimes you know even David's doesn't it doesn't build sometimes this happens it this'll tell you it's building. That's that's so unnecessary and alarming unless. Unless it's got like an amplifier thing on it it was like to speed it looks up to his figure if it's a microphone. And that way you know it's it's an avid hooks up it's like a megaphone onto your phone and you've got that bop pop wow why Tom. Why is this better look because that's hilarious. Do you. It didn't hit it is is grown stuff and oh yeah Geisel assay data. Tough.