Pickup lines that work!

Monday, July 2nd

Sean, Charley and Matty go through a few pickup lines that have been proven to work.

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987 savage we play everything is pretty good Monday because a lot of people are off work traffic slide out there hope you're feeling great Sean Charlie medic here to get NATO. These are online. Day hitters who have said these pickup lines actually work OK once who listened to on. I don't use mini pickup lines and get you some ideas why don't need him around the house because that's pretty much at the very hard. People say. Here's one that works I'm a begin to the other person says no way hello you've been a big and then they said since the start of this conversation at all. And it really words really think Edwards has beacons are kind of we'll maybe make a no wait they've learned to have to lighten up a little bit up and they get do you know how much are polar bear weighs and it's enough to break the guys. A home that's us government. Hey I lost my phone can you text me at my number and see if anyone has found it. And sneaky sneaky that's pretty you'd. I'm a firm believer in the idea that we you get what you give so here's my phone number at all. You like that or not okay it's nice right boot if you were a vegetable you know you'd be. Potato. Potato you'd be up and he'd be an acute cover golf. C'mon now. Did you'd damaged by cerebellum. Lining up fallen all over the place review. Excuse me would you like some wind to deal with this cheesy pickup line. OK I can tell you a bad joke about pizza but it's too cheesy. I'm going to. Like lenses out my pick up lines though well. Don't they all that the polar bear one OK I used the pizza and motor car and followed by a question mark. Pizza it's easy yes and that's that doesn't sound like a pickup line and you drug over the of course I love pizza if I had a penny for every time I thought of view I have exactly one cent because you never leave my mind. I was wrong line and Arnott line that influence and really feeling nature I guess yeah. My favorite everytime I don't. Counting rooms and we'll. Door slams.