The pickle juice slushy.

Monday, June 11th

Sonic has a new pickle juice slushy Sean, Charley, and Matty wonder how it will really taste.

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Hey it's gonna show and Christmas tree patriots picked registering. You know we told you about that religious lessons officially official it's out today and yeah sonics yeah get a chance. I don't taste it and disaster that I would love it. You know the thing camera a read a lot of reviews about it and I love the sound of that pickle Jews to me is this one of life's things it's good but this is so sweet it's. That's where the reviews online is. It's dill pickle. But it's got a lot of Swede on it I know bill pickle juice is asleep while they do that today I think the whole point it would be handed to stay in Arizona's via a pickle drink this sort of dreaded day elated because you were you risky during you have are you ever breached further at the jar of pickles there out of the fridge and take a swing just to see you know that there's a football there's a guy dice clay football time Hillary's decision that was agreed his recovery Jews Perry's entry. Chug it totally better and Gatorade yeah now I've had a nickel back but I've never just turned and Evans are you never asked I can remember mom. It's so mad at me as pickles standing there without any juice tomorrow. I ends up a shrivel and up. Now Obama. Yeah. She knew I was a lie. If you trial today you're prepared you sweeter than you think it needs to me you can add more people who. Belinda yeah. We.