Phoney scams

Monday, September 26th

Sean Charley and Matt plot a funny revenge on the foreign phone scams received.  


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Yeah. Really get a show on 987 Simon. I'm still thinking about data will be easel baited the outlawed those two roads. I think if girl you have dreams. You'd sue who. And dusty rose so we know our best picture in her and Ric Flair he's hit it Edwards. Battling it out like a field day. You know the iris scans somehow continues to happen and some people will go by the babies. OK mr. IRS. And they say thank you for all your money help the IRS does not need diapers he's got to do know they actually is gamers called the wrong guy they actually called the district attorney. And where in Winston oh my god so he got the message I was really hoping he'd got him on the phone like mess of them somebody he just ask number on CBS the bureau of investigation on a barring I have a call on the wrong guy Armitage has gotten on the phone the trick is to recorded because you guys remember that time again got on the phone and I talked to him until he finally broke and told me. This is all a scam. Don't send any money I'm sorry that I try to take your money my parents should be embarrassed is that there's an awesome video of the woman here that's crimes they don't let it right or don't know icons and so it's ours to scam it's arguably the worst part about it even though the Winston-Salem VA got the call and passed on the number percent since the crime took place they made the call from outside the country there's nothing anybody can do about it. Well we all need to take solace and mess back a view of that number oh let's call I think we can deliver all of those diapers. I.