Pet X-Rays

Tuesday, October 17th

After a vet holds an annual pet xray contest; Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss some of the cutess/worse things discovered in the x-rays. Including a turtle swallowing a toy turtle.


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Everything on 987 side regular morning Sean over here Charlie Matty here. We have a winner in the X ray contest there's a vet out there there does contest every year for the craziest thing that he sees on an extreme and apparently has swallowed a guy got it attend this year's winner doesn't really blow me away. It's an English Bulldog had swallowed two entire bones like you could see. They look like a cartoon Orlando operation game because above were perfect on the extra usually they'd see this yeah. You would want to yell flavor out of yeah so much you'll out when you Bono to chew it down and ask well I hope things don't have flavor. Yeah well yeah I know me when I'm working on an island on Niagara I heard cadaver dogs about a now and then I get my new and now you know let I was really pulling for the eternal. Because there's eternal who is in the extra contest again who swallowed the pendant in the shape both a turtle. All of has not doing very how can that not win there irony or is that just that's just turtle to turtle internal technology turtle power and solid material in exert all. To open fire and those Ellen that swallowed like a sink stopper and you can see the around stopper and the little ring on it. Up out of it with the they have the old woman has swallowed a fly I don't know why she's on a club don't cigarettes is an expert panels are everywhere Ireland and one dog this is crazy. If your dogs it was wild stuff you know what this is like this dog has swallowed Blake so many Robert Branson. They need don't they but you know the the bad part in the article seeking get that on FaceBook page is. Describing it doesn't do it disgusting justice. It's like a dish full of rubber bands so many of you have you know and you know army. Worst thing my little dog ever swallowed was an accidentally dropped. Xanax. Also are. Doesn't look that bad until it felt that these children have got and admitted to having him.