The perfect summer job.

Monday, June 18th

Matty tells Charley and Sean about a summer job that pays well as long as you’re not afraid of heights.

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Would get a show on 987 Simon was hot like this outsider like take marathon Coleman being imported ice trees. But plastic wrap on time man in Polk who picks through each goals and Munich little funky caller ID you know gum pop swing and from Saturday morning parts you're exactly right hey if you're looking for a summer job here's a great when all you need is a squeegee I think yeah. And not having a fear of heights OK so yet for fifteen dollars an hour fifteen an hour it's Gregory I know you can go clean all the windows on the Space Needle Seattle hold up I'm Zell is I don't know I never been there is that tall it's pretty big. Yeah and yeah they're looking for people to come do window cleaning. And I have a fear of heights it's so bad I don't wanna get on a cheer. When I want the World Trade Center last year there was a guy up there on that like 101 floor gaining the windows is very hard hat and we're wondering. Am I gonna help. I think this is more for you know I think his legacy do you blame the united GAAP safe now none spur of birds did do Zia that I followed him. A.