#ParentsBeAware Challenge!

Wednesday, March 15th

There's a new challenge floating around that's getting parents riled up and giving kids a show of entertainment! Tune in right now to hear what Sean, Charley, and Matty think about this challenge.


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Put chills could. It's cold outside this morning welcome to get out so are you guys heard about the newest challenge we've had like the hop ever challenged the ball flip challenged us salmon salad and there's been so many don't go latest one is one where you. Ask your parents this is for the kids out there you ask your parents knew if hell is a curse word. And whatever their answer is you continue using the word. In every sentence after and watch their reaction we were filming videos this and put it on mine and that's the loot the health challenge. One kid did this via text to his mom yes a pet of my got high school kid he Texas mom and asked if that's swear words hero just back and says wire you. Asking me that and everything he replies back has the word and it. She gets so mad at him. She shows up at school walks in class to straighten him now that's that's a good mom right there I love it and the look on his face if you haven't seen this year go to our FaceBook page. This should stop some kids from doing that stupid channel. It's kind of funny though. Yeah but Lindsay what would you do if you're got to him and ask you I would say say it Al out front means it would happen.