Only one blockbuster left.

Monday, July 16th

Sean and Charley talk about video stores of the past and now it’s only one blockbuster left in America.

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In the morning commendable. Being here it's you. Abbey where else would we be in bed sleep. Yeah. We wouldn't be at one of these blockbuster stores all of these blockbuster stores and we've been telling you about you know we've been celebrating the last few blockbuster stores and American guess what we're down to one blockbuster in the whole country. Yeah other word to in Alaska and now they're shut down Anchorage and Fairbanks they're gone. They shut down over the weekend and sold everything in there Bassett all of those. I keep want to save VCR tapes but I guess they switched up to it is the hazy days at some point but when you think about blockbuster. You think about those tapes and you think about those tape boxes sit in on the shelf and you walk by any. You so want that Robocop and you walk up and there's no tape behind the. Well most of the same way with the dvd because it yeah it's been so long. I've been and actually there's one in Lexington this what does it Hollywood video or there's still one of them Milledge got a Hollywood video ads purple promise now. I don't. I don't videos to anyway. And then there I did not know there was any video stores left yeah good to know. But anyway so there's only one blockbuster left to be quite honest with you I didn't know there were any but one is left in Bend, Oregon and they say no we're not going anywhere yeah right we'll see this. I wonder how many people out there this is such nostalgia right now there's only one blockbuster left in America a wonder how many people listen in right now. You put their hands on their blockbuster card from back in the day I think thousands where is it.