Monday, September 26th

Did you catch any athlete's back side on the Olympics? Sean sure did, Charley and Matt listen in shock!


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All cards it was going oh where you get out so happy Monday morning to you and so glad to whether it's the Olympics are drawn. And the indecency complaints are just roll in and at that as CC why now. Release of their complaints after the Olympics and have learned man next ambulance Cabrera got to watch it yeah we missed so many things. It's to see one lady in New York said last night's NBC Olympic coverage included video of naked women which was inappropriate for the wider audience I don't know if that really have there's no video of naked women to explore with that I'm I've got to believe it was beach volleyball that's pretty close to closes there was a synchronized swimming mishap though. But I mean you know that's a whole thing right now right. You know we can dream as a slip. MBC's coverage of the Olympic opening ceremony displayed numerous examples of peoples but talks for the viewing pleasure of my children. And seems highly inappropriate for recorded program meant to be watched by a general audience don't they have Botox once again there's going to be some beach volleyball talked everybody's got it's no real worry forms there I thought the Olympic tryouts last night would provide us the opportunity as a family to enjoy something together track and field of events are nothing short of minor pornography. Since should be rated RNC seventeen. Closing about clothing that is so tight exposing mail. Items is not what I had in mind. Now as people get out of your caves and less camera time and slow motion of these runners flip flop in their way across the critics. You what you miss seeing how long till the Olympics is no way to know I don't know. Oh.