Olive Garden

Wednesday, September 21st

Matt and Charley are intrigued at Sean's new way of grabbing Olive Garden pasta passes this season.


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Still play in the class on united seven Simon over revised to a real good. There's an olive garden ultimate cost to pass has come and gone they sold out every single one overlay data and yet they just did it blast was that Thursday like our domestic 21000. Over for a hundred bucks apiece. Did guarantees your limited pasta and drinks and breads Dixon whose leaders salad and stuff. And I really wanted to gain thirty extra pounds this year he's got to be Smart about the guy who did it who's in who's a guy from like ash brewer Burlington who was in the paperwork let you have doing and he figured out the right way to do it and he didn't he ate there every single day he yeah money back easily and he didn't blow all Lothian gamely got to be Smart about it but here's and a they're all gone and now if you want one I can help you guys as I know your eBay novices in our country eBay wizard you are the pro I have looked it up for you. And right now I have found one 4200 dollars. It's but right now we are one of sixteen people watch it and so there is free shipping on it. How can banks can we split it like kiwi split and then share can you share the and the minute pasta no that's a really good question I don't know I cannot see I can get a get Africa 4200 bucks or the pasta. Is a little. Lot of noodles and it. There's another women's 15100. But who knows that we could go very specific and that is actually 15100 dollars. So where's your thing for 4200 dollars for the unlimited pasta Preston was originally a hundred bucks. If you guys could just dig down deep and give me about two grand apiece we make this thing.