Old Money Is New Money

Friday, November 3rd

The new versions of money may have alot of people confused between real and counterfit. So Sean tells Charley & Matty a full proof way of discovering if your older version and newer versions are fake!


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Everything for a top gun walking real slow coming weekend hope it's great went out there weren't shown Charlie and many here delay new west eventual player Friday. Where is this story about who is at the won't take old money isn't one particular score now. You know it was it was Muslims are red and on that yet demise website mega they had an employee go in China buys a new with a got an old five dollar bill was at a fast food restaurant and their first how can hold less than five dollar bill eight it was. Old but it wasn't like drifter tater. But was it like. Seuss series back when they looked completely different than what they look like now I don't know so you're saying maybe they thought it was counterfeit yet this bill long times you they can of soda. Here's the thing if you have old money and your concerns that it won't be accepted where you like to spend money yet I would gladly swap it out guess what you do is. You look right above the serial number this is called the seal. You know as one of those so customer as if if you see that and it's not green for instance if you see a yellow. Or a deep blue. Or a red now you know like blue is a silver certificate. There's god here I. I have one of those I would gladly swap that out. For a brand new bill O and I'll take that all went off your hands so he won't be in danger of not having your money X that is so nice weird view and I especially. If you have any large sized bills yet and they're bigger than normal the original greenbacks is what they were called yeah you have been I would gladly you know if you've got a dollar I'll give you a dollar for. If you have any of that finding money. We'll be happy to straight it absolutely is just our service to use in addition to play your requests a bunch will play a Friday about for you make. Is sour but you won't play just like web part by but it really rough sport you've been. Everywhere it's. Played in dozens.