NYE in the Air BNB??

Friday, January 5th

Someone rented an Air BNB and threw a New Year's Eve rager...but not how you're thinking! Matty tells Sean & Charley all about it...


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Sound is to get a show on 987 Simon we play everything for the audits won't play Friday 336373. Owed ninety seven's number of good stuff so far. Couple things out that we have a play before like that Irish rovers they'll they'll ever played that down was a party so my little sisters scared of every MB we thought about doing and our family vacations before Bausch and affords us why it's and she's convinced that will be killed. The term people in the house while we're staying in the house well that depends on the when you ran but yeah and so she doesn't wanna do it and then I also worry about the people who rent them I would never rent out my house to strangers here's the story of why not to do it. Headline seven hills Ohio. Hundreds of people stress home after air being B guest throws New Year's Day here yet Bagger loved that they had last August so this guy were edited and every NB and they threw great resumes party and tell us that yes they his fire load is he just rented a room. Oh yeah. Didn't have the whole play is now the whole motto is there any had a few rules and they don't have a party and there's barriers that block certain areas of the room. Dude put it up on Twitter church fire but the person under the people showed up to the room to his room yet. And a homeowner couldn't control mostly locked himself in the bedroom and called the cops when five guys threatened him. Yeah that's it as how I mean at what point does get that far out of enemy you're the homeowner and your home in people are. And your bags but that's that was the crazy thing about it like what mentality like on the rent and we're gonna have a bang in room party. The had a negative review and I will admit to a player Friday with Gabor. I cab mainland and the I gathering clients paid at the linemen by you guys.