Nutcase News!

Tuesday, November 7th

In this week's nutcase news, Sean tells Matty & Charley about a drunk woman in Florida caught riding a horse in traffic & a woman who trained squirrles to attack her ex.


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Here at. Bring it back a bit medi. Group play everything stopped taken piece into a few anecdotal at Nagano and I. He is hey look at some nut case news time around here there's a lady and justice state. Florida 53 year old lady who got a DUI. But it's unusual because she was on a horse on a busy road. Of course she was she was a nurse of course ms. Byrd was obviously not in any condition to be on the road she not only for herself and the horse in danger. But also anyone who was driving on the road which is typically very busy was the horse drunk that's where I was wondering I think it's over driver what the whole works. ATP. You know what that's the smartest thing that ever say that I now. This is just ten. A guy in Germany called the police because he felt what he thought was a World War II bomb out news gardens yes it was very long it was very dark it was actually eleven pounds fifteen point seven inch long World War II bomb. When the police got there they said now hey nice zucchini. And I got a bomb it looked like what that's a big zucchini I would not have expected that to be a zucchini either what a terrible Gardner well what I don't know is how protected get there. Finally a woman has is arrested in Detroit Michigan. You can't believe this for training squirrels to attack her ex boyfriend. You would play their way he has been captured. And they said that she supposedly was catching various squirrels and preparing them to assault her previous sweetheart. All lined up and accountants. Delegate I don't Beirut based on it like it. Throw in the hypocrites at the boyfriend was assaulted by the rodents on more than twelve events in the course of the most recent month. These assault caused him numerous and you win wounds including the loss of two fingers. I don't I don't engine messed up and he says. He says she was in part taking cover behind a few shrubs yet I could unmistakably observe our. And hear her she was shouting orders at the squirrels and it has to happen until it's all yeah. We're nuts.