Not So Smart Burglars

Tuesday, September 5th

As things get back to rolling from the holiday weekend, Sean shares a story with Matty & Charley about two crazy burglaries over the weekend involving a stolen bat, a wedding cake, & bank robbing nuns.


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I demands added they'll no bitterness that was a beer commercial on the pay is get up showed 987 Simon we play everything welcome to Tuesday morning. We'll take it to some nut case Newsom stuff that went on between last week and as being back together here again. The criminal masterminds who used a stolen baseball bat to steal a wedding cake. I'll wait a minute Heidi east. It didn't work. I don't understand here's what they do they stole a baseball bat and then from one house right they used it to break into a second house okay that's what I staging. And then. They they were just hitting things in the house with a baseball bat. And they found a wedding cake this was the the the couples that left over wedding cake that you put in a freezer for your anniversaries. And they stalled tax. Using a stolen bat they are just the coolest thing is that trash the house is still there leapt over cake noon could do that these 200000. Dollars bail for both of them amen. And then there's another pair folks who are doing something very very reasonable and Smart. A couple of ladies dressed up as nuns to rob a bank in Pennsylvania pilots gets guys one of the women had a handgun which you know nuns normally don't have those things they use they usually use blades they are nuts they didn't get any money though and so they said they're not gonna make a habit out of it. Needing get Nancy Reagan and and finally. This is happen to lose some of the best of us it did happen to happen in Florida this time a lady called the police that she was freaked out. She locked her car are keys in the car with the car round. Our guys so what do I got to do do you bust the window out you know policeman often have a slim Jim would be able to open meadow right when the officer arrived. He reached in through the wide open window. And unlock the car un demanded her release.