Not So Lucky Lottery

Tuesday, August 29th

A hospital worker who cashed in on the 758 million dollar powerball, now faces some odd challenges. Sean tells Charley & Matty how her historic win now impacts her everyday life. 


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We play everything on 98 sevenths have a good Tuesday morning get a shows here thank you so much listen to us today like Charlie said there's nine million lottery stories out there we told you about the with Booth. Five million dollars Gary saw us yes there's a guy who bought 32 tickets all the same number and he won a whole bunch of money those meticulous. Big chunk of money and then of course there's a lady who used to work at a hospital. Who won the biggest on divided the lottery jackpot in US history the other day Mavis. In Massachusetts Mavis blues 7758. Point seven million dollar powerball prize noise after taxes is like 350 I don't wanna rip off right almost had a lesson that it's only 336. Million. Us and take its way would the difference added on that I didn't but when he won tickets for no good reason colonized but anyhow. Right now they're saying that the police are hanging around her house they're keeping an extra guy out and they've they've wrapped up patrols. Around her house because neighbors they've folks are just hanging around. Yeah they're just random. It happens it's like we were sucked in the other day about health. She could have hidden her identity why would you let everybody know and a smile and there were there check and I think everybody else does Moneyline around. She's got nine she did this will shock you though she was working at a hospital we have a lot of people listen who work in hospitals around here. She's suddenly 336. Million dollars richer. She quit her job at the hospital. I'm in shock I would definitely still come back here. Hey Sarah.