North Carolina Is Taking Over The NCAA Tournament

Monday, March 12th

Charley, Matty and Sean list all the North Carolina schools that are competing in the NCAA tournament.


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Just more time to work on your brackets ecology it has taken some time off today lot of local schools are in the big what do you call it. The tournament yes. A a a a yeah I'm actually using Greensboro this is awesome they're playing on Friday against Gonzaga. The spartans middle of the afternoon 130 in the afternoon the experience they do it and they got spirit how my youth I do thank you good course yet North Carolina in their dukes in there and see states. Davidson and it seems central where's that. That's its is that in Raleigh yet. That's oh it got all those teams play and that's pretty cool criticism only was it like eighteen from the ACC made the turn this year similar battery unit. You know I'm sad about wake far though. Right well we can all make it's still a bomb yes yes we do and there's always next year and an honor of our beloved demon deacons let's give him one. Just for their good try this year. Does that and at that that get out of eight sing.