No Second Date

Thursday, May 18th

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about a guy who sued his date for a strange reason.


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We play everything at 987 Simon's gonna show here on Sean film imitators salad Joseph Charlie and Matty right over there I hate so you saw you waited for the second week C guardians of the galaxy which I was Florida thought he'd be the first night dynamic kid wait for her to yet it was awesome it was a one of the best movie's message on time did you cry at that ending or one I don't know I think write anything thank you very much is that that's not a spoiler I don't know I haven't seen it I haven't seen either I just heard somebody say they cried at the end of I'd like to be involved in note things but there's a man out there who love the movie he went out on a date with a girl and it went so bad he's taken at a court. Yeah well here's the deal is silly here. Or are really and meant some of seventeen dollars and 31 cents in damages because it just give it in order to get to get a phone out. As he was sending him texting me entirely sending or receiving sexy tire like fifteen minutes the first part of the movie. Although I do find that root can't you just say excuse me I think you're really rated and I like my money back for taking you out of this day it's. Maybe to sue her because maybe he's not secure enough to ask for what he needs from when he secured have to ask for a lawyer well hey you know that when the lawyer does the talking he's nervous around girls yeah all right Zahn. Yeah I could do this no I would say I would I would shoot the electric Gerald now. Here's the thing. Just eat the money and don't go well yeah again just get over this whole thing a guy that's in the dates monies back it's just we did you know I lovingly calls her a threat to civilized society that. Tenth.