New items for your sweetheart for Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 11th

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it! Sean has some new items for Charley & Matty to get for their sweethearts.


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It's seven Simon and give up show play and everything and man I'd say one I don't government in this yelled over Christmas and at the dollar jury a bull market street they have live music. And I wish everywhere Dahlia there was nothing but a I think I did give that guy dollar emea is outside this or was it for sale was so often it was so loud I didn't tell you about it was so awesome I wish they did it for every holiday. Because if you've been to the dollar tree since the end of the Christmas season you know that it's now officially Valentine's Day out of gas oh it was before Christmas happens geez it has arrived in full force there's a couple of things going on for Valentine's Day that we wanted to tell you about the U should be looking for. Scandals has a love mix beaten out just in time for Valentine's name. It's pretty neat it's red white and pink. Scandals that's the only colors in the back what flavors that though I'll tell you there watermelon. White great. And strawberry. Oh in share and one called yum bearing the wonder what are you on various says in my yard. Are there legal in this I don't know. Smith. And then there's another would come and that those are available at target by the way a guy also a target they have a cotton candy just in time for Valentine's Day. That is flavored like wind we'll all right it's a rose cotton candy and I just tastes like one Elmo who were like blowing then I'm. But you know you mix it with some of those wacky yum marries you Brody yard yeah. Every candidate. And. Yeah.