New Challenge Alert?!

Tuesday, September 5th

With a new social media challenge being made every other month, Sean tells Matty & Charley about the new "3AM Challenge" & how it could be extremely scary, especially for parents.


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987 Simon play in everything Lowe has teamed me there that news you were and you don't show. Good Tuesday morning welcome back to reality back to the real world and there's another challenge out there to account for if you have kids. Especially kids who looking YouTube videos and 3 AM challenge. Is the latest strange thing going on I didn't know it was challenged Heidi knows a thing in Zelaya I was read about it than you told me that you bright kid knew about it EMI well. They watch these videos of people. Who are up at 3 AM just recording various bumps in the night. And say and look see I told you weird things happen at 3 AM I know a lot of parents out there are kids it's our mistake and up until three but the challenge part is what's scary to me there's more to it. Yeah that's not just in your house guest. They're going outside of the house and trying to find. But is that the whole thing is they wake up in just film at 3 AM hoping that something happens but the fact that big enough to 3 AM when the rest of the house is asleep and on the east side yet natively in the house now. Scares me why it's really scares me too I've been up at 3 am and I know it's out there I don't know if you see him out there you don't want your kids run and a lot premium not a lot of pay its house so. They're leaving the house just to see if some happens wolf for me that's terrify impart your kid walking outside at 3 AM boom it's already happened it's terrified some of government. Ignored why. I think you.