Never Lose Your Luggage Again

Friday, September 1st

Ever lose your luggage or had a hard time finding it at baggage claim? Well listen up, Sean gives Charley & Matty a cool new innovative way to easily identify your luggage and never lose it again.


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What's happened is to get a show on mediate that decided to eventual player Friday cements boxed warning right there for JoAnne we appreciate you 3363730987. Is our number if you wanna go one in here. I saw some of the that I must have the other day what does it it's a pillow like throw pillow known in the whole thing. Is Nicolas Cage is crazy face. That's a and Jeremy either CNET before aware of where Isabel my life is have been around permanent ever let's allow and there's like a good Nicolas Cage story. That pillow Nicolas Cage Obama. Have you ever heard a Nicolas Cage known as Nicolas Cage but it's nickel I love that too and now if you look at this idea. You'll never miss your luggage again at the airport ever as long as who have yet this website is selling. It's like a cover for your suitcase and it's your face. I guess you upload a picture of your face and then they printed out. And you can put it on your us it is this works a whole lot better than a little link the ribbon which is what a lot of people do that is what I do you actually are what I used to do now I have a leopard print one and everyone's like yep that's yours but if you got your face on your suitcase it can never get mixed up unless of course actually perk up Brad Pitts who did it was I mean come on. I mean I can happen but what if oh let's say that someone sees you and thinks you have a lot of money and so they see your suitcase and like I am taken. Season is always big in my criminal. I don't know to be an issue for me I was don't know what's happening editor at garbage on board a good what is it. Run it hired on by others this summer song for me men's reminds me you. Almost surrounded mark these pooled their real hot Mike Hart Susan there memory. Some critics. And I thank.