Nerd Thief

Wednesday, September 21st

Decoding computer thief sabotage residents information to Sean Charley and Matt's surprise.

Are any of  you numbers missing?


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Played everything he's right O Chi's has got to play well it's he's got a good morning from the get up so Sean here or Charlie there's man mining today are like kids do they do we're assuming that these are kids who are going around stealing numbers off people's mailboxes and houses and their only stealing zeros and ones. Really nothing else. Now you know that some kind of computer talked. Dumbed down former what does that mean well at the basic language of the computers called the binary code in a ones and zeros right let. Is that seem to wage you like super under it to be stealing them off outside and they're casual about it just like walking up to the houses and yank him off and lock it away and there's. They can't be huge resell value one used house numbers. You never know me like the flea market circuit it's like. Come on into ones and zeros I don't know it's just too weird I don't know what you're gonna do with a bunch of ones and zeros police have yet to crack that code. Sees she's doing computer jokes as well government and I'm not Smart enough for that stuff is why. If they had gotten to see what would you need when you spell out words on a calculators they would need like it eats a three periods and aids some sevenths now. How do you spell that oops. Ben how are designed to steals numbers don't dig out. Ever since we.