The neighbor next door

Monday, July 2nd

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about things you should do to keep your property safe and website that provides tips.

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Thanks again show on 987 Simon we play everything and I'm just joined the next door thing you know you have there's neighborhood mixed or web sites then this so cool to be in everybody's business songs I. I think that people all opinion or is back as I'll share I'm just I'm alert her other watching I hang in the background and look at what's going on and everybody has these doorbell cameras then where you concede the riff Raff corner around the front porches yes and they clay packages won't knock on the door not even stealing packages but like. They say that they're just trying to see if anybody's home and they go to the door and hearing the doorbell and then when you answer they say there either a looking for somebody else. Or to get a clean your daughters out herself like so they tell everybody be on high alert and the second thing that is there's. Really repeated all the time on there is lock your car which I thought everybody did but we've talked about this before the show if you don't normally lock your car be sure you lock your car. I mean some get out your hands are full he just forgets but that's a good thing to do before you go to bed every night there's a new car security system out there in the world did. We've heard about I think there's a great idea. It depends though. It depends on who is trying to break in your car and what they want from her car. Well there's a man who he decided he had. A BMW that he wanted to protect any threw a pair of dirty undies across the steering wheel. And he's like wait a minute. This great idea and so he put it on eBay did as a joke. But as the best steering lock ever guaranteed to put any current beef up making your car. She's so soft you're kidding that's what it depends on the underwear. Well. You spread them. I'm also hard wrong.