Need Ideas For Halloween Costumes?

Friday, September 23rd

Sean, Charley and Matty discuss Halloween costumes.


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So on that except Simon first weekend of fall is here. Then breathe it in big that we can go to mountain's gallery that'd be fine this is no leaves are already looking good restart notebook there. Then Halloween is coming quick 25% of people say well we user number one favorite holiday all year and drop in Hillary will be there to customers receive the most. Buying followed by the Pokemon ago. That an end. Turtle thing oh yeah there's. Another name wow. How quickly you forgot. I'm so glad that flash in the hands over and that's going to be one big group costume ideas for your. -- the Pokemon that beats you suicide squad is one all right the avengers and they say for people Charlie's aged Star Wars is going to be the big 11 aids the older people like it older than 45. I like Star Wars whatever. And for our pursuit of people didn't funny costume twenty acres that are going to be scary and then you got in 27%. You don't have to augment the nodded paris' yeah eight angry caller hey welcome back to a player Friday it was cut it. No and it's god I don't know. Where will. And yet. You and your driller.