Mystery Shirt!

Friday, February 17th

Ever been known to snoop through people's clothes? Well you might want to stop! Sean, Charley, and Matty talks about how a woman ending up ruining her own surprise.


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That's what effects it won't play Friday on 987 Simon we would love to get one in four U 3363730987. Is our number and when you donate stuff to. Goodwill and just keep your hands off your husband's good stuff ladies this is what word of warning. Don't touch is stuff. I don't understand about those who goes through I would never got through the jurors just like got beat up like this or any more or whatever I would never just like start grabbing things and take them and donate into the did well. This lady took her husband's shirt which you should have been touched and anywhere cousins one of his good shirts and even holding onto the net for years right yet. He had 8000 dollars cash in an envelope in the pocket this special shirt and he was using it to surprise her via the reality go to him as an anchor on a vacation yeah. And he had been saving that for years which tells you. He had not worn that shirt for a long long time but he was he was getting is like OK so I guess we're not on Italy and so of course she went frantic. And they searched everything in the goodwill may actually found it in that crazy they found the money gave it back to a and his shirt. This year it's going to worry about assures that. Somebody else got it for a dollar and they're wearing it right now I was him I'd be like forget the money gimme my shirt as clearly my good shirt. Wow so YouTube signature it's worth 8001. Dollars is what you tell me. Aren't I don't that you can spend a buyback this guy loves shirts I don't designers like I like to have at orchard as it's ever would you up boards tonight. Eight well thank you won't play Friday and I just did the Johnny Paycheck thing all again just like take this job until it. You and good luck go search your shirts for money you don't need to cut highest job in show. He did help.