Movie Producers or vultures?

Monday, July 16th

Sean and Charley talk about how movie producers were on the scene when the trapped boys soccer team got out of the mine

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We play everything on 987 Simon days ago that showed you know who's the wild for football team is yes that's the soccer at the little boy is the better players got stuck in the caves and other out and not one but two movies are in the works out or else I'm not surprised at all there were producers there as they were being pulled out the case who word jot down notes due agreed to make a movie about it. And now the guy who all got he just did a big movie can't figure right now but he's there's another movie in the works about Michael today. Knock knock him not that big John Singleton hit just sure. But anyway the Chilean miners remember the 33 Chilean miners who who were underground for 69 days we were all pray for them to get out. They are telling these little boys be aware of fraud stirs now that you're out of that cave in your free. Because we've been there done that oh wow they said that you know. You're gonna get a movie made about you if there's going to be books they're gonna promise you the world but you might remember the movie the 33. Antonio Banderas yes the movie do 33 it grossed 45 million dollars in the box office and in those Chilean miners never got one any event. Unless you bad is it I don't I don't like that at all. Says those guys know there's armor.