Misused Phrases

Wednesday, April 11th

Sean, Matty and Charley go over many phrases that are often misused.


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Do you got to show. Miss used phrases I feel like we've talked about this before do you have some new ways that people still keep using them our own piano the one that we continuously say is I could care less it's to be I couldn't care less bright obviously if you could care less that means there's room for more eager are you guys broke me now on this matter have waited you know you really have yeah does he watches himself on the island now now have we done for all intensive purposes it's for all intents and purposes yes yes. Or one in the same this one and the same yeah. And what isn't important anymore see here's the thing that I've decided do in my life at this point. I don't correct people anymore I'll leave that to Charlie because. She lives for you know. If iced it if I actually corrected everyone especially on social media who uses things wrong I would do do nothing else so I have to sell myself as you know hang up like at a time. You stop lying to yourself and others I really don't do it is here you Correll meet every single chance you can zero is frog but I. And she lives are really don't correct people like I would like this my. Be matter Mamas that you two are like eating each other's. Florida in Brazil us jobs in arrears you Alomar. Tongue and cheek it's tongue in cheek yeah black the enemies as large Bridgestone unity robot that was.