Mini Service Horses?

Friday, September 15th

Sean tells Charley & Matty about a new school system that'll be allowing students to have miniature horses as service animals, and discuss whether they think the idea is good or not.


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It was gonna always get a show on 987 Simon I'm Sean Charlie are you know why they are always here for eventual player Friday yeah. Can't get a many other written this is pretty cool. There's a new school system that's allowing kids to bring in miniature horses are servicing animals have they want to grant say if I love this it's a great idea. Miniature horses you may know our favor when his name short stack there about 24 to 34 inches tall. There way about a 15250. Pounds as grown up baby horses. And they say that as long he's saved to do so that any student or faculty member or visitor can bring a baby horse into school. If they needed to make a more comfortable if they're great. Service animals because they're very loving and loyal Virginia house train a horse I don't know the answer that exacts. Processed where others bucket divers like in the city you know. They carriages yet you have to do that. Do you know that nearby inch in Charlotte, North Carolina they have a similar move just passed last month alone have been horses in school I think it's great. I think it's great but I'm thinking about the classroom and like how close the desks and everything together where you go oh I don't know but I do know where the baby horse went from back to school shopping where old navy. It's true. Unknown do you know what they love to get with a little baby horses look to get or Algeria. Glad they love the thorough bread results. And I know they're always on time for school because the mom horse will tell when it's past your bedtime. Slash hey pat pat pat how about a request you got an orange. Hey did you play you know I give it up big in the bunch advantage it's.