Mini Michael Jackson Gets Robbed

Wednesday, February 14th

Sean tells Matty and Charley how a mini Michael Jackson impersonator gets robbed in Las Vegas.


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Here for a little tiny Michael Jackson impersonator a Vegas his name. Is Vegas Michael Hammond and he got a huge tip like 6000 so volatile. They were out they're doing their thing he was doing Billie Jean on a street corner with his dad who is a magician yeah this is where gives crazy. He had his medal tip bucket out there when somebody walked by and dropped a big huge wad of money into the bucket 6000. Dollars like always rolled out yet dream come true right now they thought were you know whoever was is probably think governor changes kid's life. Win the money gets drop in the bucket other people come running over late. Who else strippers. Dancers Elmo again things can they come run and over won it they're like hey man a guy who's played buckets and converted over and says hey you got a split that would make as I've been working in this corner to. Does but that's what they did everybody comes right over one a piece of the action won some of the money from the miniature Michael general uncool so. The dad the dad and miniature Michael Jackson scoop up the money they shove it into a backpack along with a all all of their costumes and stuff. And they headed straight for the Outback Steakhouse. While they're in the Outback Steakhouse somebody. Probably other crew. Breaks into the truck. In steals all of their stuff including the backpack with a 6000 dollars will remember when they never left in the car but number three that's so now. You'll pull. It and so the police are on the lookout for for these people who stole the money and they're hoping to get him back the most in you tell me it is ironic or not. They wanted to save the money for the kids' college as what he grows up he's wants to study to be a plastic surgeons expect nick and I hope. Miniature Michael Jackson has. I play professor. Do.