Millennials rather stay home.

Wednesday, June 13th

Sean, Charley, and Matty discuss a new survey about millennials that isn’t the worst thing to agree with.

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It's the site whenever. I worked at the bicycle shop bring me a tire plug. And they is the best welcome to get up show and they say now millennial is among their many many problems now they can't be bothered to leave the house. Now the fact that three in every similar meals prefer hanging home. Rather than going out after work because it's too much out. It's. You know I. A minimal ideals finally said some Smart I can't agree then hit the expense. Yeah well you know what I thought I was too old for this but boom there you go Amazon my twenties it's his millennial age I would go out five bucks in my pocket come home full and drug. And with the five dollars and knows rally with a five dollar because pretty girls get drinks and food bought for them that's the difference you have to worry about this man he tried so hard at me after my wig on a lipstick. Gary Jerry. Can't understand it like the Intel is social nature normally feels it's not their fault. Some product of the environment. Well it's not just your environment I was talking to somebody about this you today it's what they do with their time it's looking at their phone or their tablet. All the time that's no fun to be in a bar and you're still very year found what's the point they. That pact arraignment of a guy that loved that doesn't do though wouldn't you guys and could you go thirteen to upload those right now it's really yeah. Eagles your eyelashes or just. How they're.